Message from the Chairman “Pakistan Australia Business Forum”

I am pleased to announce the revival of Pakistan Australia Business Forum as a need was felt to bridge the gap between Australian and Pakistani business community.

Before proceeding further I like to thank The Australian High Commissioner who has played a vital role and took initiative in this regard which enabled us to make a formal announcement of the revival of the Forum at a launching ceremony held on May 22, 2010.

There are many business opportunities and commonalities and this forum will help both Australian and the country’s business communities to explore each others market and find suitable partners for establishing trade relationship with each other

PABF will be an excellent platform for networking and exchange of business ideas, and to act as trade community of Pakistan Australia Business Houses.

Since this being the 1st year of the Forum after revival our priorities during the year will be

  1. To encourage enlistment of as many eligible members as possible  to widen the base of the forum
  2. Regular written and e-communication to up-date the member of the progress which will also include periodic meetings so that the members have an opportunity to interact with each other.
  3. To ensure that the sponsors get proper benefit for their support.
  4. Whenever possible to arrange for guest speakers to throw light on the business environment and the opportunities available. 
  5. Getting the website uploaded & subsequent review for upgrading

There is always a scope for improvement as such I would request the committee and the members of the forum to come forward with their feedback, constructive ideas and suggestions which could prove beneficial. 

My special thanks to Mr. Tony Davis, Vice Chairmen, Mr. Usman Sadiq, Secretary and Ms. Rubeena Hoodbhoy, treasurer for their time and assistance which was quite helpful in preparing the groundwork for the revival of the forum

I wish all of us a success in our endeavor.

Pakistan Australia Business Forum
Pervez H Madraswala